Maintenance Overview

As a facility manager, you’ve entrusted your elevator and/or escalator service to a maintenance contractor. But just how reliable is that contractor? Unless you’re an expert, you may not be aware if your equipment is receiving the attention and care it requires. That’s where Dade Elevator consulting steps in.

Is Your Elevator Service Company
Earning Their Keep?

Properly maintaining your facility’s equipment is a very serious responsibility. If any bodily injury were to come as a result of your equipment failing, you could be held liable. In addition, any outdated parts or systems that are not up to code can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. Despite your agreement with your maintenance contractor, they may not be taking care of or upgrading your equipment as necessary. Essentially, you may be throwing your money away by paying for a service you’re not actually receiving.

Why Dade Elevator?

Before you pay the conse
quences of a negligent
maintenance contactor, let
Dade Elevator monitor your
contractor’s progress on

an ongoing basis. Our Maintenance Monitoring Program will verify that you’re getting your money’s worth of service. Our lead engineer will personalize this value analysis program to satisfy your business’ needs. It includes a thorough survey of the current condition of your elevator and/or escalator equipment. This entails:

  • Independent assessment of each section of the
    elevator(s) or escalator(s)
  • Damage assessments, which includes distinguishing
    between normal wear and tear of equipment versus
    lack of proper maintenance, equipment failure and
    man-made damage like vandalism
  • Checking if elevator parts are sub-standard or obsolete, or if the elevator is still serviceable

Customized MMP Schedule

It is important to monitor your equipment on a continuous basis. We recommend signing up for MMP for an extended period. Dade Elevator can customize the time frame and number of visits you desire. For example, you can choose to receive three (3) separate consultations over the course of one year.